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DOTAs & Lonely Eagles

We would like to honor the legacies of the Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen (DOTAs).  Upon their deaths, we enshrine them into the “Lonely Eagles.”   The brave individuals listed here are DOTAs/Lonely Eagles who are members of the Hubert L. "Hooks" Jones  Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen.   ***Hover over each picture for more information.***


Lt. Col. USAF Retired

Montclair, New Jersey

July 13, 1923 —Present

More information:  James Harvey

James Harvey

Lonely Eagles

Major USAF Retired

San Antonio, Texas

May 27, 1921—June 4, 1994

More information:  Warren Alexander

Warren D. Alexander

Lt. Col. USAF Retired

Pueblo, Colorado

October 11, 1920—March 25, 2000

More information:  Richard L. Biffle, Jr.

Richard L. Biffle, Jr.

Major, USAF Retired

Houston, Texas

July 16, 1918—March 25, 2004

More information:  Omar Blair

Omar D. Blair

USAF Retired

New York City, NY

May 19, 1927–August 22, 2017

More information:  Randolph Edwards

Randolph Edwards

Major, USAF Retired

Fordyce, Arkansas
September 4, 1925 - December 6, 2010

More information:  James Harrison





Captain, USAF Retired

Crockett, Texas

September 1, 1919 - December 26, 2013

More information: Samuel C. Hunter

Samuel C. Hunter Jr.


Captain, USAF Retired

Denver, Colorado
More information:  Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

Colonel, USAF Retired

Denver, Colorado

September 18, 1915–August 24, 1975

More information:  Hubert Jones

Hubert L.

Colonel, USAF Retired

Denver, Colorado

September 18, 1915–August 24, 1975

More information:  Hubert Jones

Colonel USAF Retired

New York City, New York

More information:  Fitzroy Newsum

Fitzroy "Buck"


2nd Lieutenant USAF Reserves Retired

Kansas City, Kansas

August 4, 1923 —November 20, 2020

More information:  Frank Macon

Frank Macon

Chief Master Sargeant, USAF Retired

Dexter, Georgia

June 1, 1921–December 26, 2004

More information:  Julius D. Mason III

Julius D. Mason, III

Lt. Col., USAF Retired

Denver, Colorado

June 21, 1921 - May 22, 2015

More information:  John W. Mosley

John W. Mosley Jr.

Colonel USAF Retired

Roanoke, Virgina

November 30, 1926 — December 9, 2019

More information:  James Randall

James Randall

Lt. Col., USAF Retired

Detroit, Michigan

September 21, 1921–December 4, 2017

More information:  Marion Rodgers

Marion Rodgers

Lt. Col., USAF Retired

St Louis, Missouri

October 14, 1923–February 17, 2007

More information:  Clarence Shivers



1st Lt., USAF Retired

Clinton, Louisiana

August 29, 1915–January 21, 2010

More information:  David A. Smith

David A. Smith

TSgt., USAF Retired

Muskogee, Oklahoma Sunrise

March 1918 - December 21, 2009

More information:  William A. Waters

Williams A. Waters

Livingston Williams.JPG

Chief Master Sergeant, USAF Retired

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

June 14, 1922–November 2004

Father was a member of the Black regiment popularly known as the Buffalo Soldier

More information:  Livingston J. Williams

Livingston J. Williams

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